The idea for the #forgivemoji campaign originated in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland but quickly attracted various non-denominational partner organisations who support global peace work. The campaign is looking for a new emoji symbol to describe forgiveness. Our goal is to stimulate debate about the importance of forgiveness and peace – beyond state borders, cultures and religions.

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Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most important step towards peace. Our partners work continually to reconcile and prevent conflicts. By donating you support the peace work around the world.

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Sustainable peace always requires a peacefully negotiated solution. The conflict resolution organization CMI, founded by Peacekeeper Martti Ahtisaari, prevents and resolves violent conflicts through negotiation and dialogue in the most challenging areas of the world. CMI’s vision comes from President Ahtisaari: all conflicts can be resolved. What a person has started, human can also stop.

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Finn Church Aid

Peace is vital to enable people to live in safety and build their future in their own country. Through your donation, Finn Church Aid is working towards reconciliation for lasting peace in the most fragile countries. Donate now and support peace!

Donate by sending a message RAUHA to 16499 (15 e) and support the work of the Finn Church Aid.


Felm is an agency of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELF)  for its international work. Felm works for peacemaking for generations at schools and refugee camps.

Every child has the right for a safe and good childhood. However, children are most affected by conflicts. Felm works with its partners to promote children’s rights and well-being, and supports peace education in countries where wars and inter-religious conflicts endanger people’s everyday lives. With the help of the children of the Middle East refugee camps, they are taught by following the school television programs. In Colombia, peacemaking and psychosocial support is provided to women affected by conflicts. And in Palestine, our grandchildren receive peace education at school.

Felm’s support includes children from both Christian families and Muslim families. In our work, we strive to build peace-building relationships and promote trust between people from different backgrounds. The funds raised will be used for the Felm’s peace work during 2019-2021.

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