What is #forgivemoji?

At the moment, there are 3 019 official emojis. There’s a kissing cat, an astronaut, a magnet and three kinds of vampires. But there’s no emoji that says “I forgive you”… for now!

This is something the #forgivemoji campaign wants to change! We want to highlight the importance of forgiveness and peace. Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Our partners are constantly working on peace work and you can support this important work by donating.

During the campaign we search for #forgivemoji proposals and later in 2019 we will petition Unicode, the organisation that decides on the official selection of emojis, to add an emoji for forgiving.

What do YOU think the #forgivemoji should look like? Vote for your favorite or upload your own design!


Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Forgiveness is an essential step towards peace. Our partners are constantly working to resolve and prevent conflicts around the world. By donating, you can support peace work around the world.

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